Release Notes

What's new?

What changed?

Improved Features
  • New API:
    • orb:newproxy(ref, ['synchronous','asynchronous','protected'], type)
    • orb:setinterceptor(iceptor, 'corba')
  • New interceptor implementation with more information and more about the call.
  • New ORB assembler and builder scripts and simplification of field flavor.
  • Interface parameter (3rd) of newservant now overwrites field __type of the servant's implementation.
Removed/Deprecated Features
  • Module oil.compat is no more available.
  • Alternative proxies (__deferred and __try) are not created automatically. Instead, use the following commands to explicitly create such proxies whenever necessary.
    • deferred = orb:newproxy(proxy, "asynchronous")
    • try = orb:newproxy(proxy, "protected")
  • Pseudo-method proxy:_narrow() is deprecated in favor of orb:narrow(proxy).
  • Operation orb:setclientinterceptor(iceptor) is deprecated in favor of orb:setinterceptor(iceptor, "corba.client").
  • Operation orb:setserverinterceptor(iceptor) is deprecated in favor of orb:setinterceptor(iceptor, "corba.server").
Bug Fixes
  • Bugfix in processing of forward declarations in IDLs.
  • Bugfix to invoke interceptors when exceptions are raised.
  • Bugfix to prevent _non_existent to raise exceptions like COMM_FAILURE.
  • Bugfix to prevent that marshal errors stops the orb:run() method.
  • Bugfix when unknown repIDs are imported from a remote IR.
  • Bugfix to make idl2lua.lua script raise errors when there are problems with the contents of the IDL file.

Copyright (C) 2004-2008 Tecgraf, PUC-Rio

This project is currently being maintained by Tecgraf at PUC-Rio.