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This method loads the type library whose file path is ``typelib_path'' and tries to find the type information of an interface called ``interface_name''. If it does, then creates an object whose implementation is ``impl_table'', that is, any method call or property access on this object is translated to calls or access on the members of the table. Then it makes a LuaCOM object for the implemented interface and returns it. If there are any problems in the process (ProgID not found, interface not found, interface isn't a dispinterface), the method returns nil. The ``coclass_name'' parameter is optional; it is only needed if the resulting LuaCOM object is to be passed to the methods Connect, AddConnection or ExposeObject. This parameter specifies the Component Object class name to which the interface belongs, as one interface may be used in more than one ``coclass''.

Vinicius da Silva Almendra 2003-06-27